Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hearts and Crafts at Java's Update

I had a super day on Gibb's street selling my wares, drinking Java's coffee and having wonderful conversations. For some reason I kept looking at the ground and I enjoyed a great number of shoes, feet, legs etc. here are a few photographs I took-
And there were lots of dogs close to the ground as well -
This guy was across the street from me - I just like the way he looks with his suitcase full of art.The jewelry in the pic below is made by my dear friend Judy Fishgold. The pieces are discarded broken antique jewelry made new again. She was set up next to me and we made a great trade - we have traded before and I hope it becomes a wonderful tradition. Her squirrel in the background got lots of attention...
I also bought two beautiful pots by Dulcie Miller, I truly enjoy her work, and some button bobby pins. I didn't spend all the money I earned, I think I did just right.