Sunday, July 24, 2011

new living room instead

We are not happy with the repurposed windows in the kitchen - so they are now hanging above the red couch in the living room. We are happy now and there is a plan in place for the kitchen wall...

Friday, July 22, 2011

new(ish ) Kitchen

This week I had the desire to change up the kitchen...


New Kitchen

The new kitchen does not look very dramatic, but I was in need of some sophistication and calm. I had tried with all my might in the past to make at least part of this house feel mid-century modern, (i.e. the Saarien tulip table), but I have have come to realize it just simply will never be that stylish of a house. Since we love the old school house lights that we (Allen) put in, it seemed inevitable that the room would become more shabby than chic....
The wall is now a lovely, simple, rich, mocha and I found the crusty old window that is on the wall at House Parts for around $100. The iron pedestal table was purchased long ago at a yard sale and has had different tops through out the years for our changing needs.
It is the perfect size, we just have to re-surface the pink ...
and find some matching interesting old chairs...
and get hand crafted kitchen cabinets from Misha....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cape May

This is my favorite pic of the week, Kathryn is laughing hysterically at me.

The gulls were so amazing to photograph.

Above is Sunset Beach. The Horse Shoe Crabs come here to mate, as the female buries herself in the sand she lays the eggs in the sand the male fertilizes them. Then the seagulls eat the fertilized eggs.

Below is a a gorgeous Jelly. The area is full of them, so swimming is not something I do. But others don't mind stings. The life guards even have a special spray (vinegar and water) at the stand for swimmers who get stung. These big Moon Jellies don't sting though.


These two pictures were a fluke, my camera and the sun got together to make some magic.

That's Aster on the Right - the rest are my nieces. And below is a bunch of mussels.
I posted a lot more on face book if you want to see more...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

krrb it

Krrb (pronounced curb) is this terrific new site that is like Craig's List, but so much better, unbelievable better! It is stylish and super user friendly. You can see one of my posts here -

And it has this amazing function created for Etsy sellers. It's called the 'Krrb It' button. It allows you to create Krrb posts from your Etsy profile in seconds. This way, when you post to Etsy you can instantly double your audience by using the 'Krrb It' button. All you have to do is sign up for Krrb, drag the button to your bookmark bar and then you press two buttons and your etsy post is published on Krrb

And it's so easy!

First, login to

It's easy, it's free, why not?

Now, you got Etsy and Krrb working for you in the time it takes to post to just one! The button will also work with Craigslist and eBay posts, too.