Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Aster raked the leaves on Sunday - just to take pics. I think this looks like a Loreal Paris ad.
I have decided to quit Anthropologie. I really like working there, but I feel like I cannot keep house or make dinner or spend any decent enough amount of time with my family. Since I mostly work nights there - that was the job to leave...
only a few hours after I e-mailed Anthropologie my resignation and two weeks notice - a manager at Naartjie quit and I was promoted to replace her. So now I have to work two nights at Naartjie. I also teach on Thursday Evenings and I am simply tired of not being home for dinner. I have been living on root beer and pretzel hotdogs while all I think about are wonderful healthy meals. I need to get organized to make a number of dinners on my free days to be able to pull out of the fridge or freezer last minute. Today is one of those days - I don't have high hopes.

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