Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here is a picture of the seventeen bunnies I made for Thread. They will be in the Spring Catalogue and I will be making many more, every day, so even thought they are not for sale in the store or online yet, you can always request one from me. The papas (large) are $40, The mamas (medium) are $35 and the babies are $35.
Below is a picture of a lamp and shade that I made earlier in the Fall. A long Tine ago, I created the branches in the suitcase, they have felted rose buds on them. I have never tired of that piece.
And on this wall are the plaid art works I made last fall. I really love these and am trying to figure out how to redecorate the computer room to have them in my life. There is also another lamp and shade that I made (with a bird on it - Portlandia was so very correct).

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