Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

It is just like a good bad dream, I spent the night and all morning trying to recall the events of the film. The images and anxiety are burned into my brain.

Extreme inequity of wealth and resources.
Separation of economic and social classes.
Control of resources by the government.
Reality television survivor set up.
Hard to imagine, huh?

The Hunger Games story is set in a future where the wealthy, all controlling Capitol Government selects a boy and girl from each of the twelve districts. 24 "children" then fight to the death on live television in a government controlled environment (in this case the actors are in gorgeous South Carolina). Katniss Everdeen is the main character, she volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the 74th Hunger Games and plays the game with grace and wit. She is a strong heroine who's resourceful and selfless.

The film is not at all scary...
But it is horrifying and offers Katniss' perspective so effectively, so the viewer feels the pain she feels, her anxiety, her sadness, her hope and her desire. Everyone of your senses is heightened and the adrenaline made me shake the entire time.It is one of the best films I have seen in a long time, I didn't think any one could make anything that hasn't been done, but they did.

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