Saturday, April 28, 2012

No knitting!

I cut my left thumb pretty badly on Wednesday. I got four stitches from a very nice doctor, who said, "this is the only time I get to be an artist." - meaning stitching up my thumb. I can't say it looks artistic but I do believe it will heal nicely. Only for the moment I can't knit, I can't sew, I can't do a whole lot with out that thumb. I read all my back issues of art magazines last night, and I had a craft show today. i usually knit while waiting between customers, but I can't knit. Soon, bored out of my mind, I found myself drawing. Imagine that, drawing.

I played around with a doll like image, as I have been wanting to make a more lady like doll that has an embroidered face. Here is what i did in my journal with just a fine sharpie marker. I have spent the last four hour fooling around with the images in photoshop. I am thinking about printing these images on fabric to become pillows. I am not certain yet. The one below is my fave. But obviously she still needs legs.

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