Monday, June 11, 2012

Artist Book

    I wrote this text a long long time ago as part of a plan to create an artist book. I found it in my "archives" while searching for sea creatures.

      Marine  biologists  installed  a  camera  at  the  bottom  of  the  ocean  and  filmed  a  group  of  sea stars'  miniscule  movements  for  over  five  days.  By  viewing  the  visual  record  at twenty  times actual  time,  adult  sea  stars  appear  to  engage  in playful  behavior.  One  researcher  described  the  behavior  as  clowning  around,  another  thought  that  perhaps  the  animals’  amiable  interactions were  related  to  mating.  These  researchers established  only  one  point  of  agreement,  that  they  could  no longer  rely  on  their  own  eyes for valid observation.

I never got the artist book completed, but I still really like this piece of  writing. Maybe someday.

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