Monday, June 23, 2008

A Story

(This is to read in one breath)

This is a story about an eyelash that was on an eye on a face that was on a head on a neck of a bee in a spider web in an attic in left field of a trailer park in a magazine that was in a pool at a hospital in a museum on grass near sand on a corner of a bank in a hurricane in a flood in an omelet on a cheeseburger in a frying pan in a bucket in a dumpster in a river in a canyon in a belly button in a student that was a thief in cage at a jail in snow in a mansion in Paris in love in the heart of a bone of a poodle wearing a bonnet in a telephone booth in bed on a balloon in an atom in an advertisement in a story in a letter in and album sent to Turkey in a pocket of a kangaroo in a picture in the newspaper in a partridge nest on television in a suitcase in a black hole through a telescope in a vault in a parking lot in a puddle in a toilet in an e-mail in a box in quicksand in a forest in a mirror in space in my thoughts.



(My daughter collaboratd on this piece of writng with her friend Margaret. It gives me an inkling of hope that public school hasn't actually squashed every bit of creativity in her as I feared.)

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joAnn said...

i love this - it is very fun!