Thursday, July 31, 2008

I still can't tell which ones are weeds

My friend Rachael Hetzel has a blog called I still can't tell which ones are weeds.
Ever since I first learned about her blog I often thought/think about that metaphor. This blogging thing often has me in a strange state of diaspora ( I hope I am using that over used term correctly).  I see friends out and about, who blog, and I do not mention what I read on their blog - like it is some sort of secret society and I would be disciplined for having spoken aloud. I feel like I have a lot of different lives in a lot of different places and I don't always know where I am and (hence), who I am. But I digress from my original intent today...

I still can't tell which ones are weeds. I just came in from gardening (which I hate) and I was thinking a great deal about this metaphor. I also still don't know which ones are weeds both literally and metaphorically and although this concept can apply to many many parts of the world and my life in it, I am thinking today about education. 

Some of you many know that I have quite a lot of thoughts about education, but last night while browsing at the B & N Bookstore, I noticed a book that states that the people who will succeed in the future are the creative types, the right brainers as the book's author called them. I am tired of hearing about what it takes to succeed. Some of you may also know that I have two wonderfully talented and very smart children, who don't do so well in school. I have so much sadness about this and I don't really want to share any of my kids personal stuff here, but I know that they will succeed in their own futures and I know they will be awesome at what ever they choose to do and be. But school sucks. It does. School is trying to make them into left brained robots and good little test takers and I hate when I say to my kids just do what the teacher asks you to do. Granted we need left brained robots in this world too, but I don't want my kids made into anything. To all you teachers out there, you should know that I believe teaching is the most difficult, most creative and tiring job there is. I know I can't do it well. I know very few people can be great teachers in this atmosphere of stupid  standardized  testing and curriculums that are to big for their britches.

Okay I said enough. But I did not actually say what I was originally thinking. I think the definition or concept of weeds should be fluid. I think we should celebrate everything that grows in our garden. 

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