Saturday, July 26, 2008

Charley Harper

These images are from Charley Harper An Illustrated Life, a large coffee table book by Todd Oldham. My Mom ordered a copy while we were in Cape May and I took some photos of some of the pages. (I will get a book myself someday soon). Charley Harper was an American modern artist who considered himself an illustrator and made his living creating painted images for Ford Times Magazine, and many naturalist publications. He also illustrated a couple of educational children's books, including The Golden Book of Biology (which I will also get a copy of for myself one day). He died in 2007 and in his will he gave the Cape May Bird Observatory all the rights to his images. (But you can still purchase prints that galleries own). My parents were lucky enough to meet him at the Cape May Bird Observatory the spring before he died and he signed a number of prints for them. They just gave us one that I am really excited about and will take into be framed this week. I just love his work, they have a collage quality even though they are all meticulously hand painted. I believe you'll find humor and beauty in everything he paints. Get the book, you won't be disappointed.

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