Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am disappointed in myself that I have not posted in so long. I have been very, very busy. I have taken a new, second, part time job and last week I was teaching collage and mosaic all week at an art day camp and I have a show that will open October 1st and am trying desperately to complete a lot of collage work...
But today is my amazing son's birthday - so, it is essential that I share this wonderful day with the world. Gage is 16, stupendous sixteen, I can't believe it myself, but the calendar states it is true. HE is the most wonderful, analytic, interesting person I know. I love him a ton. This picture above is Gage and the one below is Allen and Gage. Both were taken at Storm King Art park. We all went on a mini vacation to Dia Beacon and Storm King two weeks ago - I will post more images from the trip soon.

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