Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When I began thinking about the window display for Thread - I was thinking mainly about Metamorphosis, which is Latin for a great change. I have used this theme a lot (too much maybe) in the past and I guess it is because I have rarely remained the same for long. I am always switching careers, making new, different work, going up in dress size and changing my eating habits (which coincides with the dress size).I do embrace change, but it makes for a rather undefined life. So now I am trying to get back to a goal on which I can focus.

In January when I tried to make a foundling a day, I was rather productive. So starting tomorrow (ha, ha) I am back to sewing and I want to make owls now, one a day, plus flower pins. I also will be selling at the Zine and Craft Fair at the Flying Squirrel on March 20th so I have a desire to create a new zine. Maybe I can use the bugs and cakes in it. Stay tuned...

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