Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cape May

This is my favorite pic of the week, Kathryn is laughing hysterically at me.

The gulls were so amazing to photograph.

Above is Sunset Beach. The Horse Shoe Crabs come here to mate, as the female buries herself in the sand she lays the eggs in the sand the male fertilizes them. Then the seagulls eat the fertilized eggs.

Below is a a gorgeous Jelly. The area is full of them, so swimming is not something I do. But others don't mind stings. The life guards even have a special spray (vinegar and water) at the stand for swimmers who get stung. These big Moon Jellies don't sting though.


These two pictures were a fluke, my camera and the sun got together to make some magic.

That's Aster on the Right - the rest are my nieces. And below is a bunch of mussels.
I posted a lot more on face book if you want to see more...

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