Friday, August 19, 2011

Bee's Nest

I went to photograph some Etsy items on the deck and found a great swarm of bees living under one of the benches. We are going to wait until it is dark when they are all at home and then kill them, but I photograph a few things with them swarming around me. I usually am happy to live and let live, but this is where we eat... sorry beautiful bees.

Here are some of the etsy itmes coming up for sale in my shop.

392 Scrabble tiles (Aster counted them for me - isn't she the best?!)
A very old Brownie camera - marked 2A with patent pending. And the little baby felt bonnet below might have been my mother's I have to ask her...
A German victorian embroidered purse with silver handle.

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Rembrandt Charms said...

beautiful creations on display here...I love your needle work and am looking for them in the shop you has come out very well on felt too.