Thursday, May 8, 2008

text on glass

I definitely spend too much money of objects for our house. I then become tired of them and buy more (like ice stirrer molds). But, (and anyone who knows me already knows this) I also make many things that I see in a store and say to myself, “I can make that!” and I do. I actually do make them.

My friend Colleen has these earrings made from recycled glass with printed text, and for years I have been saying I can make those. I searched for text printed on glass and finally I found these acai juice bottles that have interesting text printed right on the glass. I broke up the bottles (after I drank the juice), paired up pieces, ground down the edges and used the copper foil technique to set them. Wegmans sells the acai drink in three flavors and so the printing on the bottles comes in three colors - a nice orange and very bright green and purple. As I was searching the web for a picture of the bottle I found that there are actually five flavors. I will have to contact Wegmans about carrying all five flavors. The blueberry has print that is a particularly lovely color.

*Sorry the picture of the earrings is out of focus - it was the best I could do. I so very much want to own a really high quality digital camera so I can take close-ups.

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