Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Day

What a beautiful day! The sun was a big orange ball in the sky as I drove to work. I got out of my car and slipped on the ice but made it in to my office safely. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 58 degrees. Yeah! No more ice. And tonight is Knitting Guild. I like going to Knitting Guild meetings a lot. I had a very busy and very productive weekend. I am leaving on a ten day trip Saturday so I had finish up all my projects and do eight loads of laundry. The trip is part see family in Philadelphia and part to vacation in NYC. I hope it isn't back to freezing temps when we are in NYC.

The Grammy's were so much fun last night. I usually watch and wonder who those people are, but last night I knew them all and enjoy them all. I am smitten with Chris Martin of Cold Play. And it is so much fun seeing Stevie Wonder at work. He was also on the Ellen DeGeneres show this week. One of the first albums I ever fell in love with was Stevie Wonder's Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants. It was my brother's vinyl album but I would borrow it and listen to it for hours. Our formal living room held the record player in the back and there was a brilliant sapphire blue couch that was placed a few feet in front of it. So I could lean against the back of the couch, put on the big plush black head phones and listen with out interuption. I felt like a special princess in a far away place when I listened to the songs on The Secret Life of Plants, (I was probably 12 years old). If you have never heard this album - do your self a favor and listen.

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