Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had a busy travel filled week. As NY schools had a whole week off for the Presidents' birthdays, I took the kids to see their grandparents in Malvern, Pennsylvania. My dad and my brother are dentists, my mom is the receptionist and now my sister is working in the office too! So it is a one stop family visit and we all got our teeth cleaned. My cousin, Amanda, came up from Maryland to see the family Dentists too. This is my cousin's son, Jack in the dentist chair with my dad.  Jack is in first grade. It was so wonderful to see everyone.My mom hosted a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner for everyone. My Brother's wife, Lisa, wore a sweater I knit for her some twenty years ago. I think I even made the heart buttons out of Sculpey. Pretty cute, huh?
After five days with the family, I then drove the kids up to Manhattan to meet up with my husband. He had some "work" in the city so we tagged along. We went to this "play" off broadway on Thursday night called Sleepwalk with Me. Mike Birbiglia performs this hysterical one man show. If you have a chance - see it! It is both comical and heart warming, an autobiographical narrative that left me wanting more. He mentioned that he gets Google alerts when ever anyone mentions him in a blog so I am hoping he reads this. I loved the show, I don' know how he does it night after night, fresh and funny each time (I assume each time is fresh and funny, as the time I saw it, he was definitely wonderful). We just wished that there was a t-shirt for sale with the image of the giant flying jackal hovering over a little Mike Birbiglia.
We did too much shopping and eating in NY and I am very happy to be home. We sped through Moma and I finally felt some desire to make art, but I will have to wait until Spring break to have any time to do it. A piece that inspired me is Matisse's 1914 View of Notre Dame. I particularly like how he scratched into the paint, the abstraction of shapes and odd balance of the whole and the parts.

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