Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's all about Joy

(an amazing Orla Keily design)

The other day Megan wrote about finding contentment in her blog. I am sharing some of what she wrote because it feels very true and needed these days.

In Lama Surya Das’s book,
Eight Steps to Enlightenment: Awakening the Buddha Within (Tibetan Wisdom for the Western World), he refers to the famous Buddhist philosopher Nagarjuna, who said that contentment is true wealth.

“Success will not be found through the gratification of desire, but in the end of desire – which is contentment. Wealthy is he who enjoys what he has.”

The end of wanting more, will it ever happen? Being content with what I have....why is this so difficult? I have so much. I have unbelievable abundance but I still want those Orla Keily juice glasses.

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