Saturday, April 17, 2010


Bill Moyers was once again illuminating and upsetting.The evening was spent discussing the horrible wall street and big banking screw ups and their ability to continue to make billions of dollars during this so called "crisis."

But my favorite part was a very interesting side story about Binghamton, NY. I don't know how I missed this amazing news item. After more than eight years, the fight against terrorism and its cost has Binghamton's mayor rather annoyed. In the midst of passing a budget that cannot begin to cover the city's needs and having to make choices about laying off workers or raising taxes, Matt Ryan wants to do something dramatic.

He has designed an electronic counter that would continually calculate how much money Binghamton citizens have paid in taxes to fund America's two-front war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan. Money that could (should) have been spent at home.

The war cost ticker will be privately funded, and will be present for all to see on the outside of city hall.

The other item I enjoyed was a show tune called "Betting against the American Dream."

This is the chorus:

We're gonna bet against the American Dream. We're gonna be on the winning team. Purchase risky debt on a massive scale and then place a bet that the debt will fail!

Hundreds of millions from Magnetar, the economy collapsing like a dying star.

No one will know 'til it's on NPR

and who cares?!

It's time to hit the town!

This sucker could down!

The housing market's losing steam,

And all we gotta do... to make our dreams come true... is bet against the American Dream!

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