Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What Dreams May Come

I have always been a dreamer. I remember so many dreams and more so, so many nightmares. I have very metaphoric dreams. There are two recurring ones that are so clearly about being disoriented in my searching for a life for myself and having a safe special place to live that life.

On Monday morning I woke up from a terribly disturbing dream in which I was lost in the corridors of a large hotel, the spaces I found myself were the parking garage, various restaurants and a connected shopping mall. At the end of all of my chasing around Gage became part of the dream and I had to get him back to our room. But I couldn’t. The elevators opened onto empty space or didn’t work at all, and then I lost him. This dream comes to me almost every night. I am often in the hotel like space, or it can be a castle or ancient space or even a resort town with wonderful waves in the ocean and I am running lost through streets and boardwalks. I always awake feeling misplaced, off-course, without direction.

So last night I promised myself as I fell asleep that I wouldn’t have that kind of dream. It sort of worked. I had the renovating the weird house dream instead.

This dream happens a lot and is sometimes very entertaining, as I really like the houses I dream up, but usually they are wrought with anxiety of problems that need to be solved or people coming over and everything isn’t quite right. But there are often undiscovered rooms that are found and are so needed for storage or guests. I have detailed memories of the houses from past dreams, one or two had pools, and one had two pools.

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