Monday, June 14, 2010


A boy is walking down a street when he falls into a deep hole and the walls are to high for him to get out.

A doctor walks by and the boy shouts to the doctor, "Can you help me?"
The doctor write a prescription and tells the boy to see him in two weeks.

A psychologist walks by and the boy shouts , "Can you help me?"
And the psychologist says, "Breathe, and see me two weeks"

A friend comes by and the boy shouts , "Hey man, can you help me?"
And the friend jumps into the hole.

The boy says,"Why did you do that, now we are both stuck in here?"
The friend says, "Yeah, well,I have been here before and I can help you get out."

I want to thank all the amazing friends we have. We are not out of the hole yet, but lots of people have helped us and although we count our blessings every minute, sometimes that just doesn't do the trick. Thank you to everyone who understands.

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