Monday, June 7, 2010

Our weekend away

We arrived in Brooklyn Friday morning and had a lovely lunch and then walk a long, hot, ten or more blocks to the Brooklyn Museum.The Dinner Party

They have the Dinner Party permanently installed and it was a treat to see it in person, although it is not that relevant to me, some believe it to be the quintessential feminist work.
There was also a wonderful traveling exhibit of Kiki Smith's work, Allen doesn't like her work, but I enjoyed immensely.

We then took a walk through the Brooklyn Botanical gardens. Simply a beautiful natural space in the midst of a bustling, brick city.

And then... we took the Subway to the apartment we rented and took a nap, which made us late to the "rehearsal" dinner (as it was sans rehearsal it wasn't a big deal to be late).

Saturday we went to the Brooklyn Flea. THE GROOM is THE MANAGER of the whole thing, he really runs it. It is a complicated and wonderful business with jurying for each week's two separate events and amazing food and set ups. The amazing website tells visitors who will be there and what to expect and a blog keeps one in touch with the specifics of foods and goodies. They even have a weekly Scavenger Hunt. Which I didn't know about until today - and I saw that bottle! Below is from the Fea's blog (for which the Bride writes).

Scavenger Hunt Items—June 5+6


Local and historic for Saturday, musical and obscure (for the Camera Obscura gig) for Sunday. Enjoy the Hunt. When you find one of the items above, which can be hidden in any vendor booth, it's yours, absolutely free! Then we post your photo with the generous vendor here on the blog on Monday. Only one winner per calendar month. Items posted every Friday around Noon.

I had a wonderful time and the flea was more than I ever could have hoped for, but I had a "call in" shift at Anthropologie that I "called in" at lunch time to find out that was expected to work, so now I am in trouble because I couldn't be there and I couldn't get any one to cover me. I believe we get three strikes and then we are out - and now that there aren't that many employees left to take this crap, it is getting harder and harder to get coverage. I also missed my own opening at Shawn Dunwoody's Gallery Friday night, so I was kind of bumming that day. After hours of shopping (vintage photos for me and Allen to use in art work, a hand made ceramic cup for Aster, t-shirts for Gage, vintage rhinestone buttons and a headband for me), we took the subway to the entrance of the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across to Manhattan, hung out in City Park and had a coffee and then walked back across to Brooklyn. Strangely, the subway we needed was under construction, so we ended up taking a subway back into Manhattan to transfer to one that went where we needed to go - back to Brooklyn. Two wonderful trips across the East River -
one over and one under.
I will write more about the wedding tomorrow. I am excited to paint images that I took of the bridge. I love the lines and shapes. We saw Georgia O'Keefe's painting of the Brooklyn Bridge as it is appropriately on view in the Brooklyn Museum. This bridge has been painted by so many. I just can't resist.

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