Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This weekend

This weekend is full of amazing things to do in Rochester - but Allen and I will be attending a wedding in Brooklyn. I am terribly excited about spending three days in Brooklyn, I am pretending it is a town in England (or somewhere abroad at least) and am looking forward to investigating, exploring and enjoying this new foreign (at least for me) place.

But Rochester will be hosting two fantastic art opportunities that we will sadly miss. 6 X 6 is one of the years best nights, crazy art loving people fight over $20 pieces. And the second great thing is the show that I am in. So many amazing artists share the gallery with me (and I will give the Bits and Pieces Exhibit its own post tomorrow).

RoCo's 6 X 6 is open all week for previewing the work, but the sale is only Saturday night.
All 5000 pieces are available for viewing on the website. Aster, Allen and I all have pieces in the sale/show. And I know it is supposed to be anonymous, but here is one of Aster's...

And here a a few of mine...

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