Monday, March 28, 2011

Shopping in my basement

I am still cleaning out the basement - we are planning to get a tread mill for down there and I also need to have some space to work. I am now in the jewelry corner. I have a full set up to work in silver, but I rarely do it anymore. So I am posting a lot of vintage jewelry finds on Etsy. My grandfather, Forrest Lenker was a silver smith and I often traveled with my parents to his craft shows. He had a portable set up so he could fix broken jewelry and work on silver pieces at the shows. It was amazing back then when everyone worked at their craft during the show. The weaver had her loom, someone was always spinning or throwing a pot. These beads were in my Grandfather's stuff. He didn't travel so I assume these were bought at a thrift store. (I know my Grandmother went to second hand shops a lot).

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