Friday, March 25, 2011

Vintage stuff

So yesterday's estate sales were pretty good. I just adore the blue dot flash bulbs. The design of one time use for a flash bulb is so lovely, so sweet to think that a photograph is worth one of these little explosions. The typewriters I pictured yesterday cwere $40 each - so I may go back tomorrow and see if I can get them for a reasonable price, but even $20 is too high...

I got two pink singer button hole attachments at two different sales, one was $8 (Daisy Estate Sales) and one was $3 (the private sale with the typewriters) Who knows how these people figure out their pricing. I have multiple aqua ones, but the pink ones are pretty rare. I am trying to post vintage finds as fast as I can on Etsy. Check out my shop - you may see something you can't live without.

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