Friday, November 7, 2008

autistic sewing

I am definetly going to be sewing this weekend. I finally have the gorgeous Anna Marie Horner fabric for the family room curtains and I will complete the curtains this weekend. The fabric pictured is hand screened by Sommersville. I think I will order two pieces (it comes only as 9.5 x 14 inches) of the teal pictured above for the family room as well - I may make a pillow for a small bench I have in there. I love the teal but I think red will match best. I also want to make a small change purse to carry around when I am selling at craft shows. I have a few small over the shoulder purses but I the money gets all mixed up and I want to make a purse that has sections for checks, $20s etc.

I actually hate sewing using the sewing machine. I get very anxious and feel rushed while I am working. I have a reall difficulty using any type of machine -I don't like the noise, I don't like the vibration. I think I may be on the very, very far end of the autistic spectrum as I also get very anxious when I am stuck on the bridge at a red light (and this happens almost every day driving home). The car shakes and rattles and I feel trapped. I also do not prefer to be in crowded social situations, I like to play music really loud, I prefer being alone and I am kind of creative (all typical autistic qualities). Obviously I have been able to (somewhat) succeed in life so I am not saying I am autistic - I just think the spectrum is extreme and I may be on it some where near Mars or maybe Neptune.

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