Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new knitting

I am swamped with custom orders for fingerless gloves, but I insist on knitting my own new designs for my own sanity. Showing my own color combinations also helps get me more custom orders because not everyone can picture how colors will work together or think to choose unusual colors like caramel or periwinkle. The best part about knitting for me is trying a group of colors and seeing what happens as the piece builds. It is the same for painting I guess... but knitting is just so much easier. I made this pair pictured above over the weekend and I really like them. I got a custom order to make them in purple shades which will be fun as I love purples. I want to take the embroidery further - it isn't easy to get much detail in such a small space, but I am looking forward to trying other designs. I honestly can't believe I still look forward to those evening hours when I can knit, you would think I would get burned out. I had better knock on wood right now.

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