Monday, November 10, 2008

sewing accomplished

I had a very productive weekend! I actually completed two panels of curtains and the thing pictured, which is a cover on a vertical display for craft shows. I thought it would look fabulous, I found this pretty soft green linen with a hint of a stipe and I made my own piping from some sorto of herring bone suiting - but it ended up looking boring. But it will work fine and I am not making a another one. I had just hoped it would lok soooo amazing it would draw shoppers to my stuff. I also sewed a lovely pillow using the left over piping and almost completed the purse to use at craft shows (using the left over herring bone suiting). I did not knit for 48 hours straight (from 6:30 Friday night to 6:30 Sunday night), but I was still able to finish up three pairs of gloves to post this week to Etsy (my Wednesday, Thursday Friday pairs).

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