Wednesday, November 19, 2008

tenth grade biology

The Crafty Hedgehog makes these! Words cannot describe the enjoyment they give me. I can smell the formaldehyde just looking at them. She also sells the patterns so one could knit them oneself! I think the tail on the rat is particularly wonderful. We have a lovely white/tan rat and a brown/black rat as pets. I call the white one Pancake but I don't think that is her name. My daughter got two rats a year ago when her snake died and she found out she is alergic. I take care of them now in my basement studio. I call them Panckae a Lulu for an Etsy yarn shop that I love. But I think my daughter namend them Peanut and Lulu. I really only talk to Lulu, she is more friendly than the white one.

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amber said...

so, so hilarious!