Sunday, May 3, 2009

also on the needles

I purchased this yarn at the local Fiber Festival almost two years ago. It is very very soft and I love the color. I took it with me to New Orleans so I could knit while waiting at airports and on the plane. I had no plan and stupidly got a lot done not knowing what it will become. I could make a sweater, but considering the other sweater I would prefer to complete, I have decided to make a wrap. It should be a wonderful thing to throw on at the beach at the end of the day. I don't know the fiber - I assume it not a natural fiber because it looks ribbon like, as if it were spit out of a machine. But, boy, is it soft. I have another skein which I think will become a baby blanket. It is on top of my pile there on my bedside table pictured below. I did finally get some Orla Kreily pieces at Target. I got a great Pears table cloth (of which two would make amazing curtains for the right room) and these containers for my yarn. The blue is an exact match to our vintage wall paper. I wish they produced this fabric in tablecloths as I have been looking for curtains, or fabric for curtains, for 4 years for this room.

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