Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Gifts and Give Aways

Nicole at Coco Knits had a give away and I won a great yarn stash! (pictured above) I won 2 skeins of Fiddlesticks Zephyr Wool-Silk in mulberry,1 skein of Noro Blossom in purples/blues/reds, and 2 Fleece Artist kits that each include 1 skein of 2/6 Merino and 1 skein of Angel hair (so 4 skeins total). I have never knit with Noro but I read about it all the time, so I know that will be wonderful. And I really love the deep raspberry. I can't wait to get my gift in the mail. Nicole had just won a give away from Melissa at Tiny Happy and decided to have her own give away.

And now I am going to follow in thier wake of generosity and have a give away too! So after realising that I've been writing this blog for over a year now so I thought I'd give a birthday gift to someone else on my birthday. Just leave a comment by 12:00 noon on Saturday May 23rd, and I'll draw a winner on Sunday, May 24th.My give away includes six balls of yarn. There are two of bright white and two of silver Filatura di Crosa Brilliant, which is a shiny blend of cotton and viscose. The other two balls are a very soft pale blush pink cotton with a subtle silvery sparkle by Jaeger. There is also a head band in pink wool that I knit (I wear these all the time they are stretchy and comfortable) and a pink suede and sterling necklace with a hand made glass bead on it. (The bead can be removed and replaced with something of your own). Once again all you have to do is leave a comment by 12:00 noon on Saturday May 23rd, and I'll draw a winner on Sunday, May 24th.


MeganMonday said...

Yarn...I just started knitting this winter. A girlfriend taught me and it became kind of addictive. I'm still certainly at a very basic stage, but it's fun. Nancy- I'm glad you found my blog and the freezer paper stenciling, and you know, I think we may have crossed paths before. I recognized your card from a picture on your website... were you a South Wedge market vendor last year? If I've got that right- then I own a pair of your button-y fingerless gloves :) I lived in Rochester briefly (2005-2008), which is how I found and fell in love with Jason Tennent's From Woods and Water pieces. Saw him at a Park Ave. Fest one year, was introduced to him by Sally Wood Winslow of the High Falls Center.
Anyway- so sweet for you to leave a comment (it's nice to get those!:), happy knitting and enjoy spring! Breathe in some of the Rochester lilacs for me! I miss them.

marycatharine said...

Both groups of yarn are beautiful! I've used the Fiddlesticks Zephyr that you won from Nicole, it's a great yarn, blocks fantastically and wears really well.

Happy Early Birthday!