Thursday, May 21, 2009

another May giveaway

Sofia Barao, a visual artist, who lives and works near Paris, is having a give away too! So those of you who do actually read my blog but do not knit, may want to check out her great blog: and comment. You may possibly receive the wallpaper necklace pictured above!
Her Etsy shop is called L'oiseau rare. And I would like to think that the young girl who dreamed of being a French teacher is still somewhere deep inside me - as I am smitten by her work as well as the title of her shop.
I feel she has a really interesting aesthetic. Her work is the epitome of feminine, being grounded in both strong and delicate physical materials and natural qualities. She also makes beautiful mixed media paintings with collage (pictured last). More can be viewed in her portflio on her website

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