Thursday, February 25, 2010

abdominal migrane

My son, Gage, is still not feeling well. He had almost a week of no pain, got to school on Monday and then Tuesday started vomiting.

The diagnosis of the day is Abdominal Migraine. The Pediatric G.I. specialist suggested this a while back, calling it cyclical vomiting, but thought it was unlikely. Even though he has ben on the medication for it and it isn't working, but still it seems that his symptoms fit the definition. So the next step is an MRI of his head. This will rule out any tumor or cyst that may be causing the vomiting.

The symptoms may be mistaken for the flu, but they come back, for example a couple of times in the same month, with no pain in between. The child may complain of motion sickness. The child will probably be healthy otherwise. The pain is usually severe enough to interfere with normal daily activities. Most often the child will want to lie in a dark room and sleep.

I am so concerned that Gage has had this all his life, and was never diagnosed. He was simply a "thrower upper" - he just threw up more often than most kids since he was a baby. I remember too many times the YMCA having to close down the pool to clean it up after he vomited at swimming lessons. He also always had motion sickness on big trips, possibly traveling was stressful for him as a kid.

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