Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Decorating with Hearts and Crafts

The Hearts and Crafts show at Java's Cafe was simply wonderful. The delicious smells, artfull surroundings and positive energy made the day super special and I sold very well. I also traded very well. One of my trades was with Shanna Murray. I immediately put up the gorgeous decal on my "new" bedroom wall. The wallpaper was taken down a while ago and we have all these bright white walls, so we created a painted "headboard" and I think that Shanna's decal looks spectacular on it. I installed one of my Anthropologie knobs and made a pencil line making it look like the decal is hanging from the knob. I plan as using it as a revolving changing venue for other art decals or images. It is hard to see the delightfulness of the decal, below is another way that Shanna used the design in her work.
The wall paper was starting to get on my nerves and I just wanted a simpler, calmer room. And below is a pic of the finished wall unit I mentioned a while ago. I wanted to have doors on some of the boxes, but I believe it will be to difficult due to my tendonitis. I have been attempting to screw in eight tiny little screws for the tiny little hinges to just one box for three days now. I have eight more boxes to put somewhere else in the house - so I will see how that goes. The boxes were a bitch to install, none of them actually square, none of them the exact same size. But I did it! And I really like the result, I am playing around with displayiong objects and books but most likely it will be filled with yarn soon.I also traded with Vicky Hartman for two of these beautiful vases on which she and Shanna collaborated. I can't believe I have never visited her blog before today, But I promise to check it often from now on as you all should too.

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