Monday, February 15, 2010

Gage and George

Late last Saturday night (before Valentine’s Day), I was watching an old episode of Roseanne on my TV in my bedroom and my son, Gage (15) was in his room watching a movie with his father, my husband on his TV. In this re-run of Roseanne on TV land, George Clooney appeared as Booker, the sister’s, Jackie’s, boss and boyfriend, so I run into to Gage’s bedroom to tell him that his all-time favorite actor was on Roseanne in 1982 or something close to and that and he has to see it.

So Gage runs into my room, upset to say the least at the appearance of George Clooney’s hair style, and completely denies the possibility of George Clooney being that person on the TV.

I pointed at the TV and said, “Look… your favorite actor, from Ocean’s Eleven and all those Cohen Brother’s movies…” He says too me, “No, way, that's the guy from Full House (Gage was referring to John Stamos, actually one of my teenage crushes when he was on General Hospital and coincidentally another star of E.R.),

I said, “go Google it”, and he did and he then says to me, “apparently that was George Clooney, but I don’t want to believe it.”

Gage has been really sick for about four months - he can’t stop vomiting. We are still seeing various specialists and I know the wonderful doctors will eventfully figure out the issue, but it has not been fun for this amazing kid. And he has only been a good sport about it, handling it all better than his parents and, well I don’t know really, I just had such a fun time with the vintage George Clooney thing, and I am trying so hard to keep smiling and be optimistic, but when your little boy is throwing up every couple of hours, missing almost all of tenth grade so far and pretty uncomfortable, it is hard to keep smiling. And then Gage woke up Saturday morning in agony, we took him to the E.D. at Strong and waited 7 hours to be sent home, being told that the E.D. doesn't figure out what is wrong, they just treat and we should follow up with all the specialists who were already on his case. After that horrific day, Gage woke up this morning feeling fine. Which is fantastic, but keeps us on this roller coaster ride of doctor's visits, decisions and medications and wondering how long the feeling fine will last.

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patricia said...

Dear Nancy, So sorry to hear your son is experiencing such discomfort.Do hope for your whole family this mystery will be diagnosted and treated. It must be trying for you all . I enjoy stalking your site and love the birds. Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye, I did look for you. All the best.
Patt F.