Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Art

I am halfway through my "week to make art." I do believe, as frustrated as I feel, that I am getting somewhere. I like this piece I completed (8" x 11"). I think I actually started it back in March. I have no idea why I am attempting landscapes. I have no conscious interest in landscapes. I actually have very little interest in being outdoors. But I think this is a pretty successful attempt at using collage and paint together (which is something I have been unable to do until now). Three years ago, when we moved to our suburban house, (for the great school district) I began a lot of work having to do with home and travel and tourism and returning home. I am going back to that this week. I have had a continual problem of accepting this house we live in and I need to get over it. It is a great house. My family is so lucky to have what we have.

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