Tuesday, August 26, 2008

typewriter keys

 Just found this image from Small. What an amazing magazine! I guess Elisabeth Dunker is a photographer for them. Beautiful work Elisabeth! I actually have over eight vintage typewriters. (Is there such a thing as a contemporary typewriter?) I just love the look of typewriters, the juxtaposition of the mechanical with the visually pleasing design. I had planned to cut off the keys to all my typewriters because they take up so much space... But this picture makes me think that these typewriters shouldn't be destroyed. I  got them out of the basement and was reminded today why I love them so much. They are simply lovely objects. I will photograph them at least, if I cannot figure out a good home for them I will have the images of them saved for eternity. 
I'll post the photos of them tomorrow. 

 I love Michelle Maul's drawings of typewriters and although I will not attempt to draw them, I want to have these objects saved somehow.
Hear are keys of a lovely typewriter I failed to photograph first. I'll be posting them on Etsy today in small groups, I have the group of Shift Keys up already.

This Picture was obviously not in focus - but I like it...isn't it eery?

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