Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thursday is coming soon

I will be selling my art work, cards, jewelry and fingerless gloves a the South Wedge Market this Thursday. I am trying to make a few more pairs of gloves and more earrings like these. Who could pass these up at $10 a pair ?
My friend, Nanso, gave me this great beer bottle after she saw my post about the Bassa Nova Acai recycled glass earrings (May 8th). I like this glass so much more. It has a gold and a green text on amber brown glass. And the bottles are very large which allows for more pieces. Too bad I don't like beer. But I have friends who do and they happily drink it and return the empty bottles to me. I "antiqued" the silver solder on these  and oxidized the silver findings. I really like the finished product. I need to go now and work on completing more before Thursday.

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