Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New York State Fair

Monday we went to the New York State Fair.
It was a wonderful distraction for the trials and tribulations of my job situation. Which is, by the way, still unresolved. But, as Peggy Olson said in the most recent episode of Mad Men,
"You don't have to worry about me... I will be fine."
I just love that scene, when Peggy (high as a kite) speaks to her lonely stuffy secretary, Olive
(who is the alternative universe Peggy - if Peggy didn't break into copywriting). Peggy says to Olive, "you are scared, aren't you?" I think Peggy and Olive are touching on that universal female fear (which I am facing lately) of screwing up everything and letting everyone down. But Peggy is "in a very good place right now." Which is what it is all about, isn't it?
Living in the moment.
Taking what you have and making something of it.
So that is what I am going to do too (after I stop crying).
(You can go here to read about other feminist subtexts in Mad Men).
I wonder what feminists would say about these
State Fair ice cream breasts?
The Starship 2000 was broken down, some metaphor, huh?
A Long Necked Rooster
A sheep in wolf's clothing.

I think I took over thirty pictures of pigs at the State Fair- I won't bore you but with this one.

A weird pigeon, he was able to move his neck and head even though it looks like he is all convoluted.

Prize winning Ball Dahlia

Prize winning Ball Daisy - Ooops no, that is an Angora Rabbit (I really want one!)

Not sure what kind of bird this is. That is my only criticism of the fair, that signage and information was very much lacking.

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