Thursday, September 17, 2009

rough around the edges

I have been called abrasive. I know this was not meant to be complimentary, but I feel it is. I would rather be abrasive than soft. I grew up with heated discussions at the dinner table that often led to someone going to the living room and getting the encyclopedia to either prove or disprove a point. Of course, these days, my family goes on the intranets for such validation.

I am continually bothered by the softness of conversations. I enjoy learning what others think as well as sharing my own ideas, but I find that many people are so worried about offending, or afraid to be characterized, or concerned about proprietress, that they will not engage in opinionated discourse.

That is one reason I love my journal and my blog. I can say whatever I please. Although, discussions with myself do not often reveal new truths, and definitely do not teach me how to properly engage in conversation.


second storie said...

Hooray for abrasive. I often tell Jake that it's a good thing he likes bitches :) And sometimes surprisingly, he reminds me that he would rather have me be real and assertive rather than un-opinionated and agreeable.

belvedere beads said...

abrasive? nonsense. no nonsense nancy? absolutely.

your necklace is locked in the glass case a more fire and your tweezer-mashers are in my work box.

Casalbordino said...

I have been accused many times about being "too assertive" and "rough around the edges". Just like you, I rather be assertive than agreeable.