Friday, October 23, 2009

2 more things

I read at that on Sunday, it was reported that "Mad Men" writer Kater Gordon had been fired -- just three weeks after winning an Emmy for outstanding writing. Gordon began her "Mad Men" career as show creator Matthew Weiner's personal assistant. Hmmmm, (Peggy Olson undertones) so speculation about what really happened is darn near irresistible, despite the lack of confirmed information, or even any trustworthy gossip.

The article describes the fact that any young woman who rises to success is still frequently assumed to have slept her way there. And the fact that we so quickly assume any sexual relationship between a woman and her professional superior necessarily involves a quid pro quo. Can't sex and success ever be a coincidence? Can't talent in fact be a part of what might attract two people working in close proximity to each other? and... sometimes people sleeping together make really good art. The more likely reason is that inexperienced talent is cheap and Emmy award winners may not be. My guess is that Gordon is a great writer and is now ready for something better than Weiner.
You can read the complete article here.

And .. If you are into ideas about memory - check out a great new blog, artevice. It is written by someone I know pretty well...

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