Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween part I

Thursday evening Aster and I continued Halloween shopping. We hit three more warehouses and the mall. She decided, for school today, to be a black and white cat like our Nemo. I begged her for a picture, but no, no picture. For trick-or-treating she is going to be Dorothy. I still have to get her a pair of ruby red slippers and blue ribbons for her hair after school.

My costume, however, did not get made. I bought red material to make Lady Bird Beetle wings but didn't have time to make them. So at the last minute I pulled the Statue of Liberty costume out of the dress up box. I realized walking in to the high school this morning that it is actually a great metaphor for my situation. I am liberated, or at least, I will soon be.Does any one remember the Happy Days Halloween episode in which Richie has a blind date with a very tall girl and she is dressed as the Statue of Liberty?

In one scene, the two of them are driving home from the Halloween costume party, late at night, and Richie's car runs out of gas. The girl is all excited because she thinks, finally, a boy wants to make out with me, but no, the car actually, truly had run out of gas and she and Richie have to walk to a gas station and back. When they get back with a bucket of gas, Richie says, how are we going to get the gas into the tank? And the girl pulls the orange tissue out of the fake Statue of Liberty torch she has been carrying around the entire time and says, here use this!

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