Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Costumes

We spent most of Saturday shopping in stores and online for this year's halloween costumes. Aster typically buys more than three costumes, and, yes, I stupidly allow it. She bought the adorable Hogwarts school girl costume at the costume wharehouse yesterday and I wanted to buy the $5 children's Yu Gi Oh! costume and just wear the mask - but both my children adamantly insisted that it would be disasterous for them if I wore a Yu Gi Oh! mask. I tried to explain that I wasn't trying to be cool, I was trying to be weird and they said that is just what I would be accomplishing and God forbid one of their friends saw me it would be the end for them. So I belligerently put the costume back. I then said I just want to be some kind of Japanese anime and they agreed that would be okay as long as it wasn't Yu Gi Oh!
I said what I really want is to be Hello Kitty, but I can't find anything. Then Aster decides she wants to be Hello Kitty so I am not allowed to be Hello Kitty or any Sanrio character I assume. Once again I give up my freedom and my halloween costume to make my kids happy, The responsibilities of a mom are immeasurable and span an immense, dark universe.
And, of course there is no Hello Kitty Costume on the market. So today I will have to shop for ten hours for the perfect little puffy sleeve white blouse and pink skirt, go to Joanne's and buy material for white cat ears and pink bows and also big buttons. I will let you know how it goes.

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