Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Morning

I did have the wonderful weekend I had hoped for. The Fingerlakes Fiber Festival was a blast and it was a beautiful day (I'll hopefully post some pics tomorrow). It was a little bit smaller than last year, but I got some beautiful yarn and saw an antique sock knitting machine demonstration. I want it for its mechanical beauty, but I think I could use it for making fingerless gloves too. Auggh! A quick look at Ebay and it seems they run anywhere from $500 to $1000! I guess I will have to keep using my good ole aluminum needles. I just had a silly idea to re-name knitting needles "kneedles."

And Artist Row at the Public Market was great too! It was a horrible day weather wise, rainy and cold, but people still came out and I sold quite a bit. I am actually most happy about selling two paintings. It is very reassuring when others are willing to not only live with your work but pay cash for it too! I also won "Best in Show" for jewelry. Thank you so much to the Friends of the Market for having such a fabulous event!


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I can't knit anymore, too painful for my hands, but I do love it, and I also love old machinery like this! That is one cool looking gadget! Thanks for showing it.