Thursday, September 18, 2008


"Every children's book should have a path in it where the writer stops and the child goes on."
- Tove Jansson

This child went on. Did anyone else love the Moomin Tales? I read them all in middle school (we called it junior high then), and I revisted them a few years ago trying to get my daughter interested. She didn't fall in love like I did. So now I have decided to read them again. I have been in a definite reading slump since Spring. Haruki Murakami has been the only auther I can read. I can't tell you how many books I have started and put down. I just really want something wonderful, not a fantasy, not an adventure necessarily, but something that makes me smile, that takes me away from this world and gives me joy, somthing that is an amazing metaphor for a world I want to be a part of, something I can get lost in. What could be better than reading about a Comet coming to Moominland. I can't wait to find out what Moomin Mama and Moomin Papa, Little My and Mymble have to go through. I love these stories because they are often based around the seasons and the characters are incredibly sensitve to everything around them, including the changing weather. I also feel very sensitive to seasonal changes and full moons and such. I just wish I could find the original 1974 publications, but luckily they have been reprinted and I can get them on Amazon easy. Here is a lovely blog about all the Moomintrolls.

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