Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sebold's Originals

I am aching to make some more sock animals. I really like the feel of the angora socks I can buy at Marshall's and I love hand sewing by the fire. But what I really like is knitting a little turtleneck sweater for the animal. I also wish I could knit more people sweaters, but the gloves keep my kneedles very very busy. I have one sock zebra left in my shop but he does not have a sweater. Maybe I should make one for him... but look at these adorable softies (above) I found in Sebold's Originals Etsy Shop. They are felted wool, (not sock), animals, and I love the sculptural quality of them. They remind me of the softies I bought from Jeff Vincent at the Secondstories tent at the South Wedge Market this summer. All right, they are nothing like Jeff's creatures. Jeff's creatures have so much more personality. You can see lots of his creations here. He uses a lot of recycled thrift shop fabrics. I wish I had the avante garde spin that Jeff's little guys have, but I make much more conventional sock animals, like this bunny.

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