Sunday, October 5, 2008


Part of a Tree
No Tree
Sunday I hardly left my bed. The whole family has had a very bad cold (seeming like the flu really) for over two weeks. It comes and goes and it came bad on Sunday for me. Worse yet our neighbor across the street was having a very large willow tree cut down. The chain saw made it very difficult for me to rest, let alone fight off the headache I had. It is almost 6:00 and they still don't have it completely down...
I managed to get just a little bit done on Saturday. I finished a handful of green bottle glass earrings. I also went shopping with my daughter and I bought the most wonderful winter coat. The cat pictured is Nemo, we have had him since he was a kitten. He is almost 9 years old (I think - I am going to check the photo album on that one). I felt bad that I have showed off the dog (April) and one of the rats (Peanut). So I am trying to be even about my representation of family pets on the blog. I'll have to get some nice pictures of the other rat and the snake (which reminds me, the snake needs to be fed).

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