Thursday, October 2, 2008

start where you are

I keep wondering where to put my time, what is most worth making with the little time I have. I am determined to work on paintings, and I am always knitting, but I also like to throw something else into the mix. Lately my favorite thing to do is wool felting. I like the quiet washing and sqeezing of the wool, and I think it is theraputic for my hand. Rachael Hetzel has been seen wearing a felted beads necklace that I made for her and she is getting lots of compliments on it; I have also heard from many people that they have seen her wearing it and that they love it. I have two similar to it for sale in my Etsy shop and I am hoping to make more fo the next show I am doing which is Second Storie's Indie Shop on Thanksgiving weekend. But these necklaces are unique labor intensive peices, so get one if you want it, I don't see myself making too many. mark your calendars now
saturday november 29th 11-6
sunday november 30th 11-4
at visual studies workshop

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