Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blythe and Knitting

One of my daughter's big Christmas presents this year is this gorgeous Blythe Doll, Mod Molly. She is a japanese doll we had to order from Taiwan. The unique thing about Blythe Dolls is that their eyes change color with the pull of their pull cord. Molly has green, blue, pink and/or orange eyes (and green eye shadow) My daughter got to have her a little early, as it is impossible to surprise kids with gifts at her age. I am looking forward to making clothes for her over break - sewing dresses and knitting hats and scarves and sweaters for her. There are lots of Etsy sellers who do this - and I am planning to corner the market. I had a pile of gloves out to photograph and post, and my daughter got to them first and made the wonderful images. I think the pics would make nice cards. Am I being silly? Or will other people enjoy these images too? It is probably just a case of nostalgia for me as the pictures remind me of the Lonely Doll a little bit.

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