Monday, December 29, 2008

busy busy

Okay, I did not get to the Gym on Sunday, but I went today. Sunday I worked on cleaning out the basement and I think I got a pretty good work out (my aching shoulders are telling me that I did for sure). I have the back of the car filled with bags to take to the Goodwill. (Steve thinks I am weird for calling it "the" Goodwill, does anyone else do that?) I have almost completed a baby sweater I started yesterday, after many false starts at following a pattern that has a newborn baby weighing in at 30 lbs,I instead created my own pattern.  I ended up with something much simpler than I had planned. I'll post pics when it is completed. The picture above is my dresser top. I want to use up my vintage buttons on fingerless gloves, but I fear the ones with buttons don't sell that well...I am  constantly questioning my ideas, does anyone else do that? The photo on my dresser is of me and gage when I was pregnant with Aster. I bid on a photo shoot  from the local  PBS fundraising auction and I won. My prize was to go to a very creepy guy's house to get this picture made. Aster is up in the corner there - that picture is from when she was about three years old. I miss them at that age. They are such lovely young adults now, but I miss them being little.

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